Trisul 1.4 available for download

We just released a major update to Trisul. The new release number is Trisul 1.4.

See the full release highlights here

Note that you need to get the following new builds

Get the appropriate builds for your platform – CentOS or Ubuntu

  1. Trisul server 1.4 (the RPM or DEB)
  2. The Web Interface 1.4 (the TAR.GZ)
  3. Version 1.4 of any plugins you need (Badfellas, URLFilter,GEO)

Please download and demystify your network today. (Free signup required – no credit cards or phone numbers or other details)

2 thoughts on “Trisul 1.4 available for download”

  1. I’ve got a question about Trisul. It looks like it collects information from a promiscuous interface, however, is it also possible to feed it syslog, snmp, and netflow information from remote systems? I’m thinking of sticking a security onion host to watch my external interface, however I’d also like to collect SNMP, netflow, and syslog off of my internal switches (as well as off my router which is routing between internal vlans). That way I can monitor my network from a single host. Just curious if trisul would be able to do this. Please email me to let me know if you respond. Thanks.


  2. Sorry Gabe –

    I missed your comment somehow.

    Trisul can take netflow and raw packets. I think you would be better off sending syslog to a system designed to parse and report on log files. Splunk and Graylog2 come to mind.

    Hope that helps, BTW we have a new website at

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