Trisul PDF generation on CentOS 6.x needs MS True Type

When you are generating a Trisul PDF report on CentOS / RHEL 6.x and you get funny looking charts as shown below, you might need to install Microsoft True Type fonts .

To fix this problem you need to install MS True Type fonts.

Download the Microsoft core fonts rpm package.

Run this as root

Install rpm package.

That’s All.
Try running a Trisul PDF report and the output should look much better.
You can also try


Also check out the Trisul docs if you have other problems with PDF reports.


Trisul 1.4 available for download

We just released a major update to Trisul. The new release number is Trisul 1.4.

See the full release highlights here

Note that you need to get the following new builds

Get the appropriate builds for your platform – CentOS or Ubuntu

  1. Trisul server 1.4 (the RPM or DEB)
  2. The Web Interface 1.4 (the TAR.GZ)
  3. Version 1.4 of any plugins you need (Badfellas, URLFilter,GEO)

Please download and demystify your network today. (Free signup required – no credit cards or phone numbers or other details)