Sneak peek at new Trisul feature

This past 10 days we have been hacking non stop on our latest feature in Trisul. The Real Time Alert Stabber. This will be our fourth real time stabber after statistics, toppers, and flows. This has been the most rewarding dev fortnight in a long time because we discovered the power of the awesome d3.js – which drives our brand new interactive bubble layout.

Trisul 2.2 which will include this feature will be released early next week. Here is a screenshot of the UI. We will also have a demo up !

Real time alert stabber

Author: Vivek Rajagopalan

Vivek Rajagopalan is the a lead developer for Trisul Network Analytics. Prior products were Unsniff Network Analyzer and Unbrowse SNMP. Loves working with packets , very high speed networks, and helping track down the bad guys on the internet.