Nifty new context aware packet filters in Unsniff Network Analyzer

We observed a very common pattern among users of Unsniff and well as Wireshark. A majority of the time display filters were being used on a combination of the 5-tuples of a TCP or a UDP packet. This was over 90% of the cases. We decided to work on a nifty solution.

A context aware packet filter.

  • Right click on any packet to bring up a “Pull out packets” menu with automatic filter choices.
  • Select a choice to pull out only matching packets into a new capture file window.
  • Unsniff also has “invert” choices. Use them if you want to only select packets NOT matching the selected criteria.

Now, you can zip through capture files effortlessly and narrow down your analysis data.


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Some screenshots follow.
Automatic filters based on currently selected packet

and the inverted filter

Pull out packets NOT matching these criteria into a new capture window

More exciting news about Unsniff Network Analyzer coming soon.

Author: Vivek Rajagopalan

Vivek Rajagopalan is the a lead developer for Trisul Network Analytics. Prior products were Unsniff Network Analyzer and Unbrowse SNMP. Loves working with packets , very high speed networks, and helping track down the bad guys on the internet.