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Plugin Development

Plugin Development
  • Add your own protocols
  • Use XML to create powerful and complete decodes
  • Add custom name resolvers
  • Extend the Unsniff User Interface


DevguideUnsniff Plugin Developers' Guide
144 pages, PDF, v1.1 Unleash Networks
The definitive guide to writing plugins for Unsniff Network  Analyzer. Learn how to add your own protocols using the C++ and XML APIs. Create advanced plugins like custom name resolvers, user interfaces, analysis sheets, user objects, and eavesdroppers. All concepts are clearly illustrated using code snippets of actual protocols for both C++ and XML plugins.


Unsniff API Developers PackUnsniff API
Developers Pack
The Unsniff API Developers Pack enables you to write rich custom protocol decoders and other  advanced plugins. The included Visual Studio wizards can get you started in a matter of minutes.
The API Developers pack includes:
Required Headers and Libraries
Doxygen API documentation
User Guide

Visual Studio Wizards
Samples of all types of plugins


Plugin Types

Protocol Plugins Write custom decoders for your protocols using C++ , XML or a combination of both.
Key Features
A comprehensive XML specification
Lots of sample code
Two helpful Visual Studio Wizards
Full documentation
Advanced Plugins Advanced plugins allow you to enhance the capabilities of Unsniff by adding custom functionality.

Custom Name Resolvers
Custom User Objects and Renderers
User Interface plugins 
Custom Sheets