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Trap Receiver

Monitoring SNMP traps can be a frustrating experience. Unbrowse SNMP features new innovations such as passive trap monitoring, trap profiles, and remote monitoring via a web browser.
SNMP Trap Monitor
Zero Touch technology allows you to monitor SNMP traps without making any configuration changes to your production routers. Using the unique Trap Speak engine you can convert SNMP traps into speech like, \"Mike, the T1 to Red Bank is down\".  Convert hard to understand index values into port names or descriptions. In addition to the above innovations, Unbrowse SNMP has top notch support for trap profiles, custom trap severity levels, bubble help, export to HTML, save and load trap databases, and much more. 

Passive Trap Monitor Zero touch trap monitoring
You no longer have to touch routers in order to troubleshoot them. Plug in Unbrowse SNMP into a SPAN port or a network tap and begin monitoring immediately. You can capture from multiple VLANs and multiple UDP ports at the same time. Unbrowse SNMP can also operate in "classic mode" like other trap monitors in the market today.  In the "classic mode", you must add Unbrowse SNMP as a trap receiver in your router configuration.
Easy to use SNMP Trap Monitor Rich graphical interface
The real time trap console window is designed to display the maximum amount of information with minimum scrolling. We use a combination of font sizes, images, and trap severity colors to pack the screen with information without crowding. You can hover your mouse over any list item to get complete details of that item in a bubble help popup window. Another cool feature is that new traps go to the top of the list, not to the bottom. Try it and see for yourself !
Text to speech Traps Trap Speak
An innovation of Unbrowse SNMP,Â
Trap Speak is a human voice speech synthesis engine. It allows you to hear whats cooking in your network in a human voice. SNMP Traps are by nature asynchronous, you never know when you get them. You can spend hours looking at a trap monitor and not see any activity. In addition to being extremely useful to hear traps across the room, it is fun !

For example : You can train Unbrowse SNMP to say things like \"Mike, the T1 to Red Bank is down\", when you get a \"linkDown\"  trap from a specific router with a specific interface index.

Optional male and female voices are available for free download.

Custom Trap Profiles Custom trap profiles
Trap profiles allow you to customize how each trap is handled.
  • Assign a severity to each trap, or assign different severity levels based on the value of variable bindings.
  • Create a custom message with embedded trap parameters.
  • Create a custom Trap Speak message.
  • Get auxiliary information from the router using information in the trap.
  • Full GUI support for all tasks - no need to remember syntax.
  • Write VBScript, Ruby, or JScript scripts to automatically export and import, or otherwise manipulate these profiles.
Aux info Auxiliary info
It is quite frustrating when we get a trap that contain only a number identifying the entity that caused the trap. Many traps contain only an interface index a tunnel number. Unbrowse allows you to query the originating router for extra information via SNMP GET. This allows you to convert an interface index to a interface description or obtain the tunnel name.
Remote access Other advanced features
  • Tight integration with loaded MIBs means all OIDs are converted to names with no effort on your part. Just download and install the relevant MIB package and you are ready to roll.
  • Save traps to a database and reopen later, export traps to HTML with a choice of stylesheets, copy paste trap data into emails or bug reports.
  • Navigation between traps and MIB browser.
  • Support for SNMPv1, SNMPv2, and SNMPv3 trap/notify messages.
  • Support for SNMPv3 INFORM
  • Display VLAN on which traps were received.
  • Full support for SNMP Proxy forwarders, the original source of trap will be displayed for RFC2576 compatible proxies.