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Trap Console Remote Access

Remotely accessing the Unbrowse SNMP Trap Console

A few of our users have deployed Unbrowse SNMP hanging off a network tap. These taps are strategically located in front of network management stations so that all traps can be collected by Unbrowse SNMP with almost no effort. A problem is that now you need to make a trip to the data center to check out the trap console. A remote access capability has been lacking for a while now.

Starting from Release 1.5.1, you can log in to Unbrowse SNMP via a standard web browser and view the SNMP traps. Multiple users in your organization can view traps simultaneously from a single Unbrowse SNMP instance. 

This article explains how to get this working.

Step 1: Enable this feature

This remote access functionality is possible due to a built in special purpose webserver. This is disabled by default. To enable it:
1. Go to Tools->Customize
2. Go to the Advanced tab
3. In the Miscellaneous section,  scroll down and locate the Trap Console group
4. Select the "Enable Remote HTTP Access" option

Step 2: Run the trap console as usual

You can load an existing trap database or capture live traps. Nothing special to be done here.

Step 3: Access remotely

The webserver listens on port 12801 by default. Point your webbrowser to http://a.b.c.d:12801 and you will get a list of current traps (latest one first)


Advanced options

See the FAQ for more information on
  • How can I change the HTTP port of the Trap Console ?
  • How can I change the stylesheet without any effort ?