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Unbrowse SNMP Features

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Free Features
A full fledged SNMP v1/v2/v3 MIB Browser with advanced spreadsheet like views.
Power Features
Innovative features for admins and developers who use SNMP on a daily basis. 
Does not expire. You can use it for professional or personal use. No restriction !Power features will expire in 30 days. If you find them useful you can re-enable them at any time by purchasing a license.
  • Support for SNMP v1/v2
  • Support for IPv4/IPv6
  • Support for SNMPv3 including DES and AES-128 
  • Throttles allow you to control
  • Instant and automatic MIB loading
  • Flexible MIB compiler 
  • Spreadsheet like MIB Walker allows you to GET / GETBULK or SET values
  • Create and Delete table rows
  • Trap Receiver is FREE for upto a small number of traps
  • Trap Speak will occasionally speak out a prompt to consider purchase
  • SNMPv3 USM Manager
  • MyMIBS - Using MyMIBS you can drag and drop frequently used objects from different MIBS to create a MyMIB. You can the work with the MyMIB instead of individual modules.
  • Agent Discovery - Automatically discover all agents in your network.
  • Agent Implementation Discovery - Scan the agent via brute force or via sysORTable and figure out all the implemented MIB modules. You can then create a MyMIB that represents the entire agent MIB.
  • Import from snmpwalk - Convert plain snmpwalk output (from Cisco command line or via the Net-SNMP tool) into a fully resolved easy to read spreadsheet format. This tool alone can save your support staff hours of pain.
  • HTML output in various formats. You can choose from a selection of styles or write your own stylesheet.
  • Scripting and Support. You can access Unbrowse SNMP functionality via VBScript or Ruby. Power feature users will also get priority support from us.
  • Real time charts to track MIB variables
  • SNMPv3 VACM View Editor
  • SNMPv3 USM Manager create users

Full SNMP Support
Supports SNMP v1, v2c, v3 
SHA-1 and MD5 authentication
DES and AES-128 privacy
Load SMIv1 and SMIv2 files
Visual MIB Browser
Visually rich MIB browser
Automatic module loading as required
Opens large MIB files instantly
Color-coded text view and graphical view
Powerful search functionality
Powerful MIB Walker
Visual walker (not just plain text output in a box)
Save multiple walk sessions in the same file
Talk to multiple agents simultaneously
Drag and drop nodes into walker
Smart indexing of tables
Annotate each walk session
MyMibs / Compiler
MyMIbs allow you drag and drop nodes 
Build your own MIB views for retrieval and browsing
Powerful compiler with varying levels of leniency
One-click installation of modules via MIB Packages
Global MIB repository for rapid search and navigation
Discovery Tools
Discover SNMP agents
Discover MIBs implemented by an agent
Automatically create MyMibs after discovery
Print / Misc
Comprehensive printing support
Print both MIBs and MIB Walk results 
Common MIB files included with Unbrowse
Scriptable via VBScript or Ruby
Safety throttle

Rich MIB Browser

  • Uses rich graphics to depict objects and types
  • View both object definitions and textual conventions
  • Load multiple MIBs simultaneously
  • Jump to imported type definitions
  • All attributes shown graphically including display format, reference, max-access, enums, ranges and more
  • Allows you to see notifications in v-1 and v-2 formats
  • Instant loading of even very large modules
  • Right click on any object to jump to its definition in the SMI file (if available)
  • Separate views for Leaf objects, Tables, Table Entries, Module Definition, and Notification
  • Print MIB in an easy to read table format
  • Retrieve multiple objects via a single click
  • Powerful search functionality - highlights results in both attributes as well as definitions (a must see!)

Flexible compiler

  • Compiles MIB files in SMI format to Unbrowse native format (*.vosmi)
  • Varying levels of leniency
  • Powerful error reporting
  • Double click on error message to jump to error line in the SMI file
  • Graphical customization of all parameters
  • Rich batch compiler
  • Compile both SMIv1 and SMIv2 files
  • Compiler output window displays color coded error and warning messages
  • Deep search functionality for imported modules. This functionality enables you to work with MIBs files that are named arbitrarily. 

Powerful Walker

  • Drag and drop objects from various modules, select an agent, and hit walk
  • A single walk file can save multiple walk instances
  • Supports GET, GETBULK and SET methods
  • Navigate historical walks to observe changes in MIB variables
  • You can label a walk session with a custom tag (eg. "this walk taken after switch rebooted")
  • Supports SNMPv1, v2, v3
  • SNMPv3: Supports SHA-1 and MD5 authentication protocols
  • SNMPv3: Supports DES and AES-128 privacy protocols
  • Each table walked is shown in a easy to use tabbed window
  • ASCII Indexes are shown as text instead of hard to read OIDs
  • Handles agents which return tables with "holes" in them
  • Retrieve an entire table (all indexes) or specific ranges
  • Walk the same tree from multiple agents
  • Set : Confirm from and to values before set. Full undo support
  • Set : Automatically prevent read-only values from set operation by graying them out in the grid
  • Printing : Print walk results in an easy to read tabular format


An alternative to a MIB module based approach to SNMP management; MyMibs is an innovation of Unleash Networks. You create your own views by dragging and dropping objects from various modules into a MyMib. You can then deal with the single MyMib file.  Once loaded MyMibs are just like regular MIBs, except that they contain objects from many modules.
  • Create your own MyMib by dragging and dropping objects from other MIB modules
  • Create a MyMib via agent implementation discovery
  • Use MyMibs to model different types of agents

MIB Repository

  • Automatically registers OIDs in the repository
  • Search for any object rapidly
  • Double click on any object to open its definition
  • Allows you to organize modules into "folders"
  • Unbrowse ships with many core modules pre-installed
  • Presents an "ISO" view of modules based on its position in the global ".iso.dod.." tree
  • Fully scriptable via VBScript and Ruby

Agent Discovery

  • Efficient and low bandwidth agent discovery
  • Compares each newly discovered agent with the local database
  • Marks each newly discovered agent not already in the local database
  • You can specify the IP address and subnet mask for discovery
  • Automatically assigns a name for each newly discovered agent

Agent Implementation Discovery

  • Discover what objects are available on an agent
  • Two methods supported: brute force or sysORTable 
  • Brute force: Perform a full walk of the agent and compares retrieved objects with repository
  • Detects tables and indexes
  • Allows you to create a MyMib after the implementation discovery is complete
  • The SysORTable method is used for a fast results, if the sysORTable information is accurate

Safety features

A system-wide throttle prevents Unbrowse from overwhelming network elements. You can override the system wide throttle for each SNMP agent. 
  • Control how heavily each PDU is loaded
  • Control Unbrowse "query rate" 
  • Control timeouts and retries
  • Prevents agent discovery of large subnets by accident