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SNMP Name Resolver Plugin

The SNMP Name Resolver Plugin

A free plugin to aid with SNMP analysis.


This plugin is an addon module to Unsniff which allows you to perform OID-Name resolution in SNMP. This plugin features:

  • A powerful MIB compiler (can compile both SMIv1 and SMIv2 MIBs)
  • A fast database fine-tuned for read access
  • A tool to quickly type in an OID and get its equivalent “best-matchâ€? name
  • A configuration utility


Prerequisites : The Unsniff Network Analyzer must be installed prior to installing this plugin.

Step 1 : Download the plugin from the Unleash Networks Download page

Step 2 : Save it to a location on your hard drive.

Step 3 :
Click on the installer to complete the installation (you must install in the same folder as the main Unsniff application)

Using the SNMP Name Resolver Plugin

Upon successful installation, the SNMP Name Resolver plugin will add the following user interface elements:
  • A toolbar with two buttons to the main Unsniff toolbar
  • Two menu items grouped under " Tools->SNMP"

The two menu items and the toolbar buttons provide access to the same functionality listed below

MIB Compiler Click on this to open the MIB Compiler window. Here you can select your private MIB files you wish to add to the MIB database. This plugin ships with several standard MIBs.
OID Lookup Tool Click on this to open the simple OID lookup tool. Here y ou can enter an OID and convert it into an object name.

Resolving OIDs to names

Step 1: Enable name resolution

- Select Plugins->Configure from the Unsniff main menu

- Locate the SNMP item and enable the name resolution as shown below.

Enable Name resolution in Plugins->Customize

Step 2: Compiling your private MIB files

- Place your private MIB files in a directory

- Select Tools->SNMP->Add Mibs from the main Unsniff menu

- Click on the “Add MIB� button on the bottom left of the dialog

Compiling private MIB files

- Select the mib files you wish to compile and add

- The MIBs will be compiled and any errors will be sent to the Log Window (tab titled ‘1' )

Compiler output window

- If you need to specify additional search directories to locate imported MIB definitions, Click on the “New� button next to the “Search Path� window

Now the SNMP plugin will convert any OID encountered to a name using the plugin using any of the three formats you selected. (Full name, Last Only, Last Few). The plugin uses a best match algorithm to locate names, so you can easily see table indexes as part of the names.

Using the OID lookup tool

This tool allows you to query the database for an OID. To use this tool:

- Select Tools->SNMP->Lookup OID from the main Unsniff menu

Lookup Tool

- Enter an OID and press lookup