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Trisul 2.1 is released
Monday, 31 October 2011 13:27

Dear Network and Security Monitoring people :

Trisul download

We just released an exciting new version of Trisul Network Analytics along with a brand new website. You can download the latest builds immediately from our new website. Remember Trisul is totally free for monitoring the most recent 3-day window. No nags, ads, callbacks, or anything. All you need is an Ubuntu or CentOS box and you are ready.


Release highlights

Release 2.1 is a major step up both in terms of usability and features. The most exciting part is the concept of Real Time Stabbers. We are happy to be the first to bring this exciting new innovation of Real Time monitoring (max 5-sec) delay of traffic, flows, and toppers.  Here are more details about this release.

New Features

Name Change

Trisul Network Metering and Forensics is now just Trisul Network Analytics. The new name is much simpler and reflects the true purpose of Trisul -  which is to give you total visibility of multiple data types from your network traffic.

New UI

A brand new user interface that is designed to improve your workflow.  The menus have been enhanced to support multiple opens, keyboard shortcuts and much more. Check out our demo to get a feel for it.

Real Time Stabbers

Have you ever wanted to see traffic conditions right now ? Not 1-minute or 5-minutes ago. Real Time Stabbers give you that capability. Using the latest WebSockets technology you can watch real time traffic conditions (5-sec) right from your browser. You can even watch all flows from a particular IP or an application in real time - much like the display in various torrent software.

For more details check out the features page : Real Time Stabbers

All new Documentation

You can spend a lot of time exploring the tools and capabilities of Trisul. A bit difficult without good docs. We moved away from the Wiki format and now have a totally new documentation site at

32-bit support is official

We now support Ubuntu 10.04 32-bit officially. You may download 32-bit packages from the same page as the 64-bit ones.

Enhancements & Fixes

  • Major tweaks to PDF reports
  • Statically links up with libpcap to prevent any dependency issues
  • Major enhancement to Trisul servers memory usage
  • Can now monitor millions of items while tightly controlling memory usage
  • Much lower CPU usage
  • Autocomplete reworked
  • All other bugs reported by our users

All users of Trisul are encouraged to update their installations.

All data will be retained after the update.


Dont forget to visit our new home at

Thanks for your wonderful support for Trisul.

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