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Trisul 2.3 is released
Friday, 27 January 2012 14:48

Dear Network and Security Monitoring people :

Trisul download

Trisul 2.3 is now available for immediate download. Please head over  here to download for CentOS 5, CentOS 6, Ubuntu 10.04 32 and 64-bits. Remember Trisul is totally free for monitoring the most recent 3-day window.


Release highlights

Release 2.3 introduces a cool new addition to the real time alert visualization. You can now rotate (pivot) the view on parameters other than the alert signature. You can view by source / destination IP/ port/ priority/ etc. Another new feature is the large PCAP dump import tool, which allows you to read in entire directories of PCAPs using the browser. Overall performance and bug fixes rounds off this release.

New Features

PCAP - Packet Capture dump import tool

You can use the web interface to import large packet capture files into Trisul. This has always been available via the command line, but this release adds a easy way to do it using the web interface.

Alert view pivots

You can now rotate the alert viewer on any of the attributes of an alert. Real time capabilities are extended to all views.

New IDS and Malware PDF report

A new 6-page executive report that can be scheduled to give you a daily summary of alert activity on page 1 as well as increasing level of details in pages 2-6.

CentOS 6 support is official

CentOS 6 64-bits is now officially supported along with CentOS 5. This is the preferred platform for Trisul.

Enhancements & Fixes

  • Badfellas (Malware blacklist) report bug fixes
  • Juniper Netflow v5 sampling rate supported
  • Performance enhancements in backend server
  • Bug fixes with Filtered Counter Groups
  • All other bugs reported by our users
  • Massive new documentation including screencasts

All users of Trisul are encouraged to update their installations.

All data will be retained after the update.


Dont forget to visit our new home at

Thanks for your wonderful support for Trisul.

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