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Trisul 2.2 "Real Time Special" is released
Friday, 02 December 2011 17:54

Dear Network and Security Monitoring people :

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We just released an exciting new version 2.2 of Trisul Network Analytics. The focus this time is on enhancing the real time "stabbers" for traffic, flows, and counter group toppers. But the real star of this release is the "Real Time IDS Alert Monitor" - this features innovative animations and viz to help you be even more effective in keeping an eye on alert activity.

Remember Trisul is totally free for monitoring the most recent 3-day window.

Release highlights

New Features

Brand New Real Time Alert Viewer

View current and most recent alert activity in real time. The console is designed to handle large volumes gracefully. The viz is good enough to put up on a video wall so your entire team can see the alert scenario at a glance.

New Real Time Traffic Stabber

The real time traffic stabber has been completely replaced. A new chart marks max and current traffic.

Per flow bandwidth in real time

The Real Time Flow Stabber now shows the bandwidth used by all flows in real time.

Branch traffic in real time

If you are monitoring remote branches with Trisul, you will love this feature. You can monitor all flows out of particular branch office in real time. Can be very helpful while trouble shooting connectivity issues.

Revamped Documentation

We consolidated our move away from the Wiki format and now have a totally new documentation site at

32-bit plugins

We have received a great deal of interest in BadFellas and URLFilter plugins. Now they are also available for Ubuntu 32-bit platforms.


Enhancements & Fixes

  • Tweaks to UI
  • Some UI bugs fixed
  • Real time backend overhauled
  • New UI for branch real time

All users of Trisul are encouraged to update their installations.

All data will be retained after the update.

Dont forget to visit our new home at

Thanks for your wonderful support for Trisul.