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TOPIC: ANN : Unbrowse SNMP 1.2 Trap Monitoring

ANN : Unbrowse SNMP 1.2 Trap Monitoring 14 years 10 months ago #74

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Dear Networking community,

We are pleased to announce the release of Unbrowse SNMP 1.2. It is available for immediate download from our downloads section.

Note: If your earlier copy of Unbrowse SNMP has expired or if the Power Features have been disabled, please download the new version for a new trial period of 30 days. After 30 days, Unbrowse SNMP power features will expire, but you can still use it for almost all SNMP tasks.

Unbrowse SNMP 1.2 features exciting new SNMP trap management features.

Major trap monitoring features.
  • Zero touch trap monitoring, you can stick Unbrowse SNMP into a SPAN port (or mirror port) and begin monitoring. No change is needed to any network element to add Unbrowse SNMP as a trap destination. This is unlike any other SNMP trap console or trap monitoring tool available today
  • Rich graphical interface, for real time monitoring. We feature bubble tips for all trap fields, coloring based on trap severity, and more. Check it out.
  • Trap Speak, revolutionary new way to monitoring. You can assign phrases when certain traps are received, Unbrowse SNMP uses a speech engine to synthesize human voice. This allows you to say things like \"Mike, the T1 to Red Bank is down\". This is a first in the industry. Optional male and female voices are available for free download
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  • Custom trap profiles, allow you to assign a severity to each trap, assign severity based on the value of variable bindings, create a custom message, and more. A rich graphical interface allows you to accomplish all these tasks in seconds without having to remember any syntax or symbols.
  • Auxiliary info : We know how useless a trap is when you get only an interface index or a tunnel number. Unbrowse allows you to query the originating router for extra information via SNMP. This allows you to convert an interface index to a interface description.
  • Other advanced features : Save traps to a database and reopen later, export traps to HTML with a choice of stylesheets, copy paste trap data into emails or bug reports, navigation between traps and MIB browser.

Unbrowse SNMP 1.2 supports all versions of SNMP (v1, v2, v3) and all types of traps (TRAP, NOTIFY, INFORM).

Please download and enjoy SNMP designed for 2007 !

Best Regards,
Unleash Networks Release Team
Unbrowse SNMP project
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