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TOPIC: t2email.rb script not working

t2email.rb script not working 9 years 3 months ago #708

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Hi there,

I'm using unbrowse SNMP version and using the t2email ruby script so that we can send emails whenever we see SNMP traps but it's not working at all. We can start the ruby script with no problems but whenever we send a trap, the script exists with the message, "stopping the trap receiver". We've tried using Ruby 1.8.7 and 1.9.3 and it's the same thing. Is this t2email script not compatible with the version of 'Unbrowse SNMP' that we're using? Thank you very much!
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Re:t2email.rb script not working 9 years 3 months ago #709

Looks like an error with sending the email. Can you remove the following lines and see what the error message is ?

1. Remove the lines the lines that say begin/rescue/end

So the main loop should look like this
last_processed = 0

while true
	 trap_text = ""
     end_id  = trap_mgr.TrapCount
	 (last_processed..end_id-1).each do |tid|
         trap_text << pr_trap(trap_mgr.GetTrapByIdx(tid))
     last_processed = end_id
     # send email out
     unless trap_text.empty?
		mail_this("Unbrowse SNMP Trap report", trap_text, mail_settings, server_settings)


Now run the script and we can see the actual error message. Post that message here.

Vivek R
Unleash Networks
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