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Issues related to installation, running, bugs, and features.
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TOPIC: New Release - Fixes TCP offload errors

New Release - Fixes TCP offload errors 10 years 5 months ago #465

Hey guys,

A new release of Trisul 1.2.712 is available for download. Please go ahead and use this build.

A companion web release Web Trisul 1.2.519 is also available.

Release notes :

  1. Fixes error while receiving packets on network cards with TCP Segmentation Offload OR Generic Segmentation Offload enabled. This only happens in our test environment at medium loads (75-80Mbps). The Ubuntu package is affected because this only manifests itself when using MMAP mode of libpcap. This means if you link with libpcap.1.0.0 or above - you need to update Trisul

  2. RX Ring error - similar error occured in the zero copy RX Ring capture mechanism (the default in Trisul). When TSO/GSO is enabled RX Ring and MMAP Libpcap above return 'super packets' - with IP Length as big as 65500. Some parts of Trisul raised error. This was fixed

  3. Adapter error - Old behavior of Trisul was to check all adapters against a list of enumerated adapters and quack if it could not find it. Now, Trisul will warn - but it will still try to open adapter specified. Also added a new command line parameter called --listdev to print device info (output of pcap-findalldevs()

  4. Bunch of changes in web interface. Most notable new feature is the Busy Hour data for any meter.

Vivek R
Unleash Networks
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