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Unbrowse SNMP maintenance release 1284

Please download the latest maintenance release of Unbrowse SNMP (R.


Issues fixed in this release 


SNMP Trap Receiver fixes

  • Not receiving traps on ports other than UDP 162 by default.  You had to explicitly allow other ports using a filter. The new behavior is :
    • With Winpcap and Raw Sockets provider : Tries to decode ALL udp messages as SNMP trap using an advanced ASN.1 heuristic.
    • With Normal UDP Ports : Decodes ALL traps on the specified port
  • A new option to specify UDP port via the configuration interface. (Use Tools + Customize + Advanced + Trap Console + "SNMP Trap UDP Port") 
  • Better error reporting when permissions error happen on Vista versions

MIB Compiler fixes

  • IEEE mibs such as IEEE8021-Q-BRIDGE-MIB under the OID branch ( = . ) compiled fine but failed to create MyMibs. Now this issue has been fixed.


  •  Did you know you can completely script the Trap Receiver using Ruby ? You get all the performance of a trap receiver written in C++ with the flexibility of Ruby. There is a complete ruby sample available that uses the trap receiver to get traps from the network and store them in a MySQL database. Check it out !