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Tool : Length Distribution Chart

Packet Length Distribution Chart

Quick Info This tool demonstrates the following concepts

Using the Unsniff Scripting API  to loop over packets

Using the Fox-Ruby toolkit to create GUI programs

Using the free ruby charting library UnleashCharts to create bar charts

This Ruby script uses the Unsniff Scripting API to create a bar-chart that shows distribution of packet lengths. This utility is written in the Ruby scripting language, using the Fox-Ruby GUI toolkit, and the free UnleashCharts charting library.  

Packet Length Distribution Chart

This script opens a capture file and loops over all captured packets. Each packet is assigned to a bucket based on its length. The rest of the code deals with interfacing with the Fx-Ruby toolkit and the UnleashCharts library.


How to run

  1. Download the two files  (lendist.rb and UnleashCharts.rb) to a folder on your computer
  2. Execute the script on a capture file (see Usage below)


lendist <capture-file-name>

capture-file-name : Capture file in Unsniff (*.usnf) format


c:\RubyTest> ruby lendist.rb   MyLargeCapture.usnf
Tool: Traffic Monitor

Traffic Monitor

This tool is part of a series of utilities written by Unleash Networks. These tools are meant to illustrate the use of the Unsniff Scripting API and to motivate you to write your own tools.

Traffic Monitor is a tool that displays the traffic pattern seen by Unsniff over the duration of a capture.

Traffic Monitor ChartThis tool demonstrates usage of the Unsniff Scripting API, Ruby, and Fox-Ruby.
The free Ruby charting package UnleashCharts is used to render the graphs.

Effectively using the script console

Using the Script Console

You can send the output of your custom scripts to the Script Console. It provides rich formatting capabilities that can be used to enhance the quality of your output. This article demonstrates how you can control the font face, color, hilite, and size of the text that appears in the console. Additionally, this article contains some hints on how to output results in languages other than English.
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