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Save SNMP Traps into a MySQL database

This article explains how you can store SNMP traps as they arrive into a MySQL database using the Unbrowse SNMP Scripting Interface. We introduce a sample schema and a script which you can easily adapt to your requirements.

You can script the behavior of Unbrowse SNMP via  VBScript or Ruby. This is done by accessing various objects defined in the Unbrowse Scripting Reference.

In this article we will script the SNMP Trap Receiver to

1. Open a network adapter and listen to all SNMP Traps on it
2. Open a ODBC connection to a MySQL database
3. As each trap arrives insert a row into the database containing the trap details.
4. Close the trap receiver.
5. Close the ODBC connection.

Packaging SNMP MIB files
This article explains the SNMP MIB packaging feature supported by Unbrowse SNMP.  We also include full source code for our MIB packaging script. You can extend or use this program any way you wish.

Network element vendors can package all their MIBs into a single ZIP file that contains both compiled and raw MIB files. This takes the burden off the end user from locating and compiling MIBs. Unlike other MIB Browsers, we do not package a giant MIB database. This would quickly get outdated.

Work with output from snmpwalk

Convert snmpwalk to mib browserSNMPWALK is one of the main tools used by a network engineer to troubleshoot behavior or verify configuration of devices. The output however is pretty hard to understand. In this article, we will talk about how Unbrowse SNMP makes the task of working with SNMPWALK dumps much easier. Snmpwalk is a command line utility available on almost all router platforms. A standalone version is also available for free from the excellent Net-SNMP project.


You may also want to check out this 5-min screencast !

How to effectively use a MIB Browser
MIB Browser Tutorial ThemeAre you just beginning to learn the ropes as a network administrator ? Learn how you can effectively use a MIB Browser to retrieve and set configuration data in routers, switches, and servers.
  • What is a MIB Browser ?
  • Working with MIB Modules and enterprise MIBs
  • How to select and read the MIB objects that are most interesting to you ?
Asterisk Call Analyzer for IAX2
An add-on tool for complete IAX2 (Asterisk Protocol) call analysis
  Click for Whitepaper "IAX2 Call Analyzer for Unsniff" (900 kb)IAX2 Call Analyzer
Are you one of the growing number of people deploying the Asterisk VoIP platform ? We present a add-on tool that performs complete VoIP Call Analysis for the Inter Asterisk Exchange (IAX2) protocol. Measure and plot call bandwidth, interarrival delay, jitter, packet loss, and IAX2 events for each direction of call. This tool like others in this series (such as TCP/IP analysis) is written in the excellent Ruby scripting language using the Fox-Ruby toolkit. Full source code of the tool is provided for you to tweak it to your liking. If you are working with Asterisk in any capacity, this is a "must  have" tool on your workbench.
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